HOMic LLC is an innovations company that is primarily focused in the technology industry.  We believe in the power of hands-on mobile platforms to guide our mission of solving life’s simple problems.  As a company we strive to deliver top of the line, user friendly, and innovative designs.  All while building strong relationships with developers, business professionals, and creative minds alike.  Our innovative designs and products will do the talking, while HOMic provides the foundation.

Our Mission

Solving Life’s Simple Problems.

Our Vision

Making our solutions to life’s simple problems ready and accessible to the American public

Our Business Philosophy

At HOMic it is of utmost importance to provide user-friendly solutions to problems people face in everyday life.  It is extremely crucial for us to build and maintain professional, long-term relationships with all stakeholders involved, as well as those who strive to be involved in the future.  We are an open door. We are always open to New Ideas, Change, and Progress.


Joseph O'Brien              Co-Founder & President

Marko Maksimovic               Co-Founder & CEO