On one fall night.. in some garage.. somewhere in America, a group of friends got hungry, and began the classic; “Where are we gonna eat? What are we gonna eat? Whats open right now?” conversation. We began to search through our phones, laptops, and brains for solutions, and just like every time before, we hit the wall.  You know what that wall was?  Hunger, anger, and disbelief that we could not find open restaurants to decide where we wanted to eat. Long story short, we ended up NOT going out to eat. That was the “AH-HA!” moment and the birth of Decide-N-Dine™ Struggling to find open restaurants and not knowing where or what you want to eat is a common experience in America.  A problem this simple needed to be solved.  Our current focus is to help people decide what they want to eat in a fun, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing way.   We are going to bridge the gap between finding open restaurants and deciding where to eat.