Xack Leard - Artist

“I recently moved to Chicago from Sacramento in hopes of showcasing my art to a wider audience. I use my artwork and signature one liner character to detail a journey or even your own journey. I’ve been working all day and night in my studio on themes, and enhancing my knowledge of mediums. Through my art I detail pure emotion. Emotion caused by my surroundings. Emotions caused by everyday life. Detachment. Detachment from reality. It’s an observation of emotions and Identification of feeling.” - Xack Leard

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Alex Hante - Creative Genius

Continuously provides creative new ideas, as well as creative insight on work that has already been accomplished. Alex is always a positive presence in the room. Whenever we hit a wall, Al is always there to crack a joke, lighten the mood, and help us progress our team and company. Not to mention…he deserves to be in Hollywood.

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The Insiders Experience Logo

The Insider's Experience

Matt Quigley- Owner/ Manager

Reed Moskal- Owner/ Manager

Nicole Dykas- Event and Social Planning

  The Insider's Experience started as a free interview show for up and coming local talent. Fast-forward not even a year, TIExp is now a multi-faceted company within the music industry! TIExp is a full-fledged Management and Booking Team. We align our artists for success! We have opened up for some of the greats and hottest artists out now, Bone-Thugs and Harmony, Kid Kid, Famous Dex, Curren$y, Busta Rhymes, Chris Webby, and many more! We have allowed our artists to headline their OWN tour, and continue to get their music into the right hands! The artists at TIExp, are able to be taken down the proper path to get exposure and create a fan base! TIExp promotes talent! The supports system we have created has made a huge impact. This is easily exemplified via our social media (@TheInsiders_Exp), attending events, the free YouTube Interview series hosted by Quigs, and so much more. The Insider's Experience is also a Production company. We are hosting our own Musical and Entertainment events. It is so much more than just Rap and HipHop. We have comedians, bands, folk singers, we support talent!

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